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The Commitment Dress

A couple of months back, I bought a wedding dress.

Which, if you know me, you will know has absolutely nothing to do with any desire to get married.

(As an aside, before you read more, I should say that if you are someone who hates seeing old clothing get cut up, then this is not the post for you.)

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Clothes for Kids

About two months back, I made some clothes for some babies and posted them… and then waited and waited and waited for them to arrive at their destination.

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Christmas Sweets!

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m currently sitting in my kitchen drinking tea and eating Christmas Cake.

We’re going out for brunch, so I’m not allowed to have a real breakfast.

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Green Pinafore

I may have mentioned that last Saturday was my birthday.

Generally, a weekend birthday is a good thing, but these days I just feel like Saturdays are for chores. Still, we made the most of it, had a slow morning, ate brunch and cake at a nice cafe, and made a trip in the afternoon to the Maybachufer fabric market.

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