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Christmas Cookies, ’19

There are three little ones in my Perth family- kids of my cousins aged 15 months, and 6 and 7 years old.

This year for Christmas, we made a decision not to give presents to anyone in the extended family (cousins and aunts and uncles), except for those little ones. With an exception for things made by hand.

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She called them Dumplings II: Empanadas

Hi everyone. It’s Monday which means I am already behind in my week. Here’s a throwback post from… three (???) months ago. Back to the good old days when Pau and Zac were still with us.. and we spent an afternoon making a metric tonne of empanadas. Read More

Food-Selfies part I (a.k.a what did you do in Perth?)

As an effort to start the new year off right I thought I should finish off some blogging from 2018.

Here’s a quick recap of my very short 10 day visit to Perth back in October-November.

Told primarily in the the most beautiful of all of the artforms, ‘The Selfie’. And featuring that most beautiful of all things- ‘Aussie Food’.

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She called them Dumplings I: Ravioli

I made a rather stupid statement at the start of the season, that Summer 2018 would be ‘The Summer of Doing Stuff’.

Mostly because I wanted to be out of the house, but also because a part of me wondered if Summer 2018 would be my last in Berlin (spoiler: it was not).

But, eh, despite the silliness of the statement, I’ve got to say we did pretty ok at doing said ‘Stuff’.  With the exception of that time we decided to go dancing, and instead stayed inside, at three courses of Italian food and played cards (sorry Chiara). This Summer was one of the longest in history: the weather was great, for a long time. And we managed to fit in a fair amount of frolicking. I’m proud of us.

Still, winter draws near, and life is getting colder and darker. So it’s time to make a call.

Winter 2018/19?

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Hot Cross Buns

Just wanted to shoot off a quick post to say: Happy Easter Everyone. Or, ‘Happy Long-Weekend’ if you’re not so into the associated religion.

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Christmas Sweets!

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m currently sitting in my kitchen drinking tea and eating Christmas Cake.

We’re going out for brunch, so I’m not allowed to have a real breakfast.

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