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And the Owls Looked Back

I was lying in the sun, trying to soak up some of those delicious rays before being forced back into the grey (hi London!), when the order came.

‘Go and get your camera, there are owls’.

So I did. And so there were.

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Christmas Cookies, ’19

There are three little ones in my Perth family- kids of my cousins aged 15 months, and 6 and 7 years old.

This year for Christmas, we made a decision not to give presents to anyone in the extended family (cousins and aunts and uncles), except for those little ones. With an exception for things made by hand.

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Food-Selfies part I (a.k.a what did you do in Perth?)

As an effort to start the new year off right I thought I should finish off some blogging from 2018.

Here’s a quick recap of my very short 10 day visit to Perth back in October-November.

Told primarily in the the most beautiful of all of the artforms, ‘The Selfie’. And featuring that most beautiful of all things- ‘Aussie Food’.

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The Fremantle Gang

When you head down from Perth city on the train, you reach a point where the land melts away, and where the river meets the sea.. and where the bay at the edge of that sea is just filled with dinosaurs. Read More