Month: December 2017

Spain Again

We’re actually in Spain right now, doing the most German of things and holidaying in Mallorca over Christmas … I’m currently sitting in the hostel common room listening to some of our adopted-countrymen chatting away at breakfast… Not a spanish word in ‘sight’.

But I still didn’t put up the final (two) installment(s) of our Grand Summer Holiday in Spain.

Andy’s face shows his disappointment in my tardiness: Read More

Christmas Sweets!

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m currently sitting in my kitchen drinking tea and eating Christmas Cake.

We’re going out for brunch, so I’m not allowed to have a real breakfast.

But Christmas cake doesn’t count, right? Read More

Oh Christmas Tree (again)

Well, the incredibly perceptive and intelligent amongst you may have noticed that this year’s Christmas tree is not really a tree, but more of a┬ábunch of branches.

Let’s call them ‘Christmas Tree: the discontinuous whole’. Read More