Month: February 2017

The Fremantle Gang

When you head down from Perth city on the train, you reach a point where the land melts away, and where the river meets the sea.. and where the bay at the edge of that sea is just filled with dinosaurs. Read More


I spent a couple of hours last-last weekend chatting with my BFF Ash, who lives in Melbourne with her hubby and her soon-to-burst-out-in-a-non-Alienesque-manner baby.

At one point she was describing something, and she just casually dropped the word palaver. Read More


Ugh! Do you want to know how long it just took me to work out how to spell fortnight/foughtrghtnight/thoughtnit?

I think I need a nap.

Or some sun.

Very much hanging out for Spring right now! Read More

Part IV: Riga

Yo Guys! It’s throwback Thursday time. Except for the part that I can never get myself organised enough to post on an actual Thursday.

Err.. Frowback Friday?

Read More