Month: June 2016

Cushion update/ Warszawa 1944

Hola guys, I thought I’d post a quick update of some sewing adventures, that I promised my sister about a month ago, and tack it in with a story about the Warsaw Uprising.

My life is kinda chaotic right now ok?

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When I was back in Perth, I was lucky enough to be part of an Institute that did a lot of public outreach work. Mostly workshops for young senior school-aged kids (14 or so), with a couple of presentations at ‘career days’ in front of the general public. Thing about Germany is, most of the public speak German… Read More


There’s a certain time in May, every year without fail, when the Regional train that takes us from the city to work, suddenly takes on a funny odour. Sickly sweet, the smell of hot, stale fruit wine.

And every year we say to ourselves ‘we really should go to the Baumbluetenfest before we leave Germany.’ Read More