Month: October 2015

The Way to Warsaw

Hi all,

I finally managed to convince Andy- the mostly silent partner of FishwithWhiskey- to do a guest post.

I just feel like he is more in touch with the Fatherland/Poland than me- given that it is actually the land of his forfathers.

Here goes: Read More

Pącz-ki to my heart.

I guess anyone who knows me won’t be too surprised to see that one of my first Polish posts is about Pączki.

These delicious, sweet, perfectly-fried-fluffed-and-filled delicacies, pronounced more like ‘pOnchki’ than ‘pac-see’, are Poland’s version of a jam-filled doughnut (or Berliner).

But let me tell you friends, the word doughnut just doesn’t cover it.
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When the Rowes were in Town

There are many great things about life in Australia, and being Australian.

You get to lie to inform people about drop bears. You get to surprise your foreign friends with Vegemite (and now, even Vegemite chocolate). You rarely have to cancel holidays because of rain.

But one of the crappiest things about being Aussie, is how far Aussie-land is from everywhere else. Read More