Month: August 2015


You love your friends because they are generally witty, smart, sweet and awesome people.
But sometimes, there are a special few, who bring more than just their natural awesomeness to the table.

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Chasing the Eis

So you know that we moved from the one-restaurant-town of Potsdam to the too-many-restaurants-city of Berlin. And of course, the very heavy task of trying allthefoods! has fallen upon us. Read More

If you show me yours: Learning how to Mexican

A few months ago, one of our pals, Asdrubal, invited us to his place to eat Mexican. I don’t think I posted any photos back then- probably because the food disappeared so quickly that I didn’t have the chance.

It was so good, in fact, that we begged him to cook for us one more time- but this time, to show us the ways of the Old Country. Read More