Month: June 2015

My Little PonyZimmer

I may have mentioned a couple of times that our new(ish- I guess we’ve been here for 4 months!) flat has a kind of 1/2 room as well as the bedroom and living room, kitchen and bathroom.

It’s a kind of Guest Room. A kind of Bob Dylan Room. A kind of Sewing Room. A kind of Storage Room. A kind of Pony Room. Read More

Well now, this is awkward.

Germans have a pretty bad reputation for not having a sense of humour. Which seems a little unfair, so I thought I’d work on that reputation by telling you my favourite of all jokes I’ve ever heard a German tell.

It was overheard on the train, so let me set the scene for you. Read More

Der Balkon- a tiny forest

Fly back nearly six months’ time to the middle of Feburary, and you’ll peek in on Andy and I, after weeks of panic, joyfully being offered not one, but two of our possible Berlin favourite apartments. 
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