Month: December 2014


A week after heading south to Munich, we hit up Deutschebahn again, and set off due (south)west, for Koeln, and more adventures with the wandering A-M clan (this time, just Ariel). Read More

Barcelona Final

Ok.. We’re currently in Granada, and I haven’t finished writing about the trip to Barcelona several months ago. Which makes our lives sound a lot more glamourous than they are, and also makes me sound super tardy.

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The Deep South (With Ariel and Jocelyn)

Do you like Munich?
I have the feeling that many non-Bavarian Germans don’t tend to have a lot of positive things to say about Germany’s deep south.. but then when you press them on the issue, it often turns out that they haven’t had a lot of interaction with the whole situation. Read More

Autumn is going…

It’s -3 degrees in Potsdam, my toes are constant icicles, and my poor balcony parsley is ┬ánow preserved as a rather crisp and pathetic shadow of its former self. Read More