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I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but every time I’ve thought of the city of Segovia in the last few months, a certain kind of music has blasted itself triumphantly into my head.

‘Hail, hail Segovia, land of the free and brave!’

I’m not sure where exactly the music comes from, but my faulty memory wants to narrow it down to either The Princess Diaries (hail hail Genovia?), or something from the Marx Brothers. Possibly it’s a combination of the two?


In my entirely-sane-and-together head, Salamanca doesn’t have a theme song.

Which I guess is another point against Salamanca*.

(*I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they also don’t have an aqueduct).

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If it can be drawn, it can be made. (Viktor and Rolf)

In 2009, my friends Lauren and Ashlee and I visited Utrecht.

It wasn’t like it was the main part of our trip. We were doing the whole ‘2 month Europe trip’ that was pretty popular with university students at the time.

When we planned it, London was first on the ‘to go’ list. Then Paris and Rome and Florence and Milan. And Berlin went on there too, but only because Ashlee had studied the war and communism in high school history.

Holland was on the list, but it was all about Lauren- who was born there- and about visiting her family. Thanks to their hospitality, we made it to Amsterdam and Den Haag and to a tiny island to the north that used to be inhabited by grey monks: Schiermonikoog.

And one day, with her aunt in tow, we visited the university city of Utrecht.

According to google, there are many things to do in Utrecht. But I mostly remember the House of Miffy, and a museum that was displaying a collection of work by Viktor and Rolf.

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A short stay in Madrid

Last summer, Andy and I made a trip to the far north, visiting old Australian friends in Sweden, and then travelling with them down to Riga, Latvia.

We enjoyed it.


And decided that we should make a habit of taking a long-ish holiday in the Summer that would allow us to relax while seeing a chunk of some region or another. Read More

Tel Aviv Pride

Hey everyone!

Did you know that nearly two weeks ago Germany passed through the first stages of legalizing gay marriage? Up until now, they’ve had gay partnerships, but these partnerships lacked certain rights granted to married couples (e.g. adoption rights).

Germany is lead by a coalition dominated by the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union, yet despite this conservative-leaning leadership, the vast majority of Germans support gay marriage (83%, according to wiki). And, although Angela Merkel voted against the proposition (which we are all hoping was more of a political play than a personal opinion- we want to like you Angie, we really do), the vote passed with a nearly 2:1 yay to nay ratio (393 vs 226).

All of this is great news. But I do, once again, I find my self wondering, what the hell is going on down there Australia!*

*I just saw that Malta also passed it this week. And this is a country that only got on board with divorce in 2011!

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