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Back to Belgium (Bruges)

I thought I would enter a nice ‘Summer throwback’ into this pretty wet and moody Winter ’19 season. Although, as it turns out, it’s a throwback to Belgium. Which pretty much means it’s also kinda wet. ‘Sure’, I hear you say. ‘Weather is all well and good.. but tell me this and tell me true. Were there WAFFLES?’ ‘Did you Eat All The Waffles??!’

The weekend in Chiara-land

So, today is the Winter Solstice. The time in Berlin is currently 16:50, which means it has been dark for nearly an entire hour. It’s cold- but not cold enough to actually be the good kind of cold. Just the shitty rainy kind of cold. The good news is the days get longer from here on out. The good news is that in 3 hours I’m getting on a plane to visit the UK (haii Ikumi). And the good news is that I still have some photos from The Incredible and Amazingly Long Summer of 2018 to throw at you. Welcome to Chiaraland:

Alberobello’s Trulli (Thursday Throwback)

I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t make it to Alberobello in time to see the Trulli. Chiara and Andrea, our hosts in Puglia, had mentioned visiting them on the way back from a day at the beach. But the day was lazy to the point where it was practically dark by the time we finished lunch and the mandatory coffee. And the Trulli were a bit out of the way for the homeward return. Still, we made the effort, paid what I originally thought was an exorbitant amount of money to see what I assumed was ‘a house or two’, and walked in the direction of the Trulli.

Throwback- Ghent in May

After the fact- thankfully after- when I was telling a friend about our trip to Belgium and mentioned that the weather was not always perfect, he responded with the politest of ‘what did you expect responses’. Something like: ‘Yes, I was wondering why you chose to visit Belgium in the springtime.’ Belgium, it seems, has a bit of a reputation for rain. And Ghent, my friends, was a little bit Grey.