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Summer Holiday(s)

So here we are. After a few weeks of fairly hectic travelling, a week back home furiously trying to write some of my thesis, and a long weekend in Paris, we’re finally heading back to Berlin to reset to normal. My money ran out three days ago, and I haven’t finished writing my thesis.

Britzer Garden (a.k.a Tulips in Berlin)

Gal is pretty much the reason that office work is not as tiresome as it should be. Sure, the alleviation of boredom that Gal brings correlates pretty meanly with an alleviation of productivity, but you guys, thesis writing is soooo boring, I take what I get. One of Gal’s many talents is the ability to accurately throw stress balls at my head, full velocity. It’s such a skill that I think he put it on his CV, and we’ve now both taken to wearing safety glasses in the office more often than in the lab. Which leads to the point that, when Gal told me that I absolutely must visit the Britzer garden, I got on my bikes, and visited that darn garden!