Author: fishwithwhiskey

Throwback- Ghent in May

After the fact- thankfully after- when I was telling a friend about our trip to Belgium and mentioned that the weather was not always perfect, he responded with the politest of ‘what did you expect responses’. Something like: ‘Yes, I was wondering why you chose to visit Belgium in the springtime.’ Belgium, it seems, has a bit of a reputation for rain. And Ghent, my friends, was a little bit Grey.

Notre-Dame Basilica

It feels right to begin Montreal with a church. Mostly because I have that ‘Catholic Confession’ feeling running through my head whenever I think of all things blog related. “Forgive me I have sinned. It has been six weeks since my last blog post” yadayadayada.


We arrived in Lisbon in the late afternoon, and took a bus from the airport into the city. A bus which played music that flittered back and forth between not-quite golden oldies and what I can only assume were Portuguese classics.