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Like the Aussies do

Andy got a grill!

He was missing the bbq-ing experience, and on Friday night bought a tabletop grill.
That night, we had barbecue.
On Saturday he went to Ikea to buy a table for the balcony (and for the grill), and also came back with fairy lights.

That night, we also grilled.

‘Never is a man so happy, than when he sits with his fairy lights and his grill and his topknot’- Anon


As you can see from the background, we’ve been doing a bit of balcony gardening. We had a ridiculously large amount of things come up from seed- most of which remain unidentified- so yesterday I bought more pots, and spread everything out.

The purple and red flowers, I will admit, are potted colour bought from the station. All our stuff is still on the brink of flowering. I’m pretty excited for the sunflowers (back right)- can you believe they’re the same one from a few weeks ago?











I’m pretty sure we’re winning at this ‘balcony gardening’ thing. Game on Potsdamers!

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  1. very cute, both Andy and his bbq.
    Your plants are looking specky. much better than the other day on our grainy skype call.
    From current experience though, your herb garden doesn't feel complete without a hedge of parsley.

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