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Hiya everyone,
It’s been a while since an update.

Andy and I moved into our wonderful new apartment at the start of the month, and it’s taken some time to get internet access at home…. a process which involved Andy going to the internet service centre and having a conversation in pig-deutsch with a lovely lady who unfortunately spoke no english and kept looking wistfully behind Andy at our favourite-house-guest-of-the-month James R., in hope that it was all a horrible joke and that any second James would step in with fluent German and they’d all laugh about it.

Ultimately, Andy left with no internet, and a sense that he wanted the sale more than her: his repeated statements of ‘Ich kaufe jetzt’ (I buy now!) brought on no response.

Turns out that, as Andy has no German identity card or bank account so far, he couldn’t have done it anyway- when we went back the next week the whole process went down in half an hour, and a week later we got our internet.

And here we are…

So the next few weeks are going to be heavy with updates of the new apartment (and some stuff before the move), our week with James and various other happenings from the last halfmonth or so.

Here are some first shots of the apartment ‘under construction’:

We call this ‘Bed’ by Ikea. 
Very artistic, possibly at the cost of comfort. 
As I wrote previously, we managed to get a lot of stuff second hand from a fellow Science Park employee who was moving back to Spain. Unfortunately, they could not work out how to deconstruct their bed frame- their whole packing process seemed, from our point of view, to be very rushed- they had to be out by Monday, which meant painting on Sunday, and by Saturday had not deconstructed any of their furniture (and didn’t have the tools to do it) or packed their things.
Remind us not to do it like that.
Anyway, the bed could not be deconstructed, and could thus not be taken out of the room, so was destroyed.
As we had only hired a baby Skoda, it probably wouldn’t have fit in the car even in deconstructed form.
So we went to Ikea.
The disarray of the first couple of day! 
This, of course, is the Wohnzimmer (living room).
In the foreground is the sofabed, also Ikea, that we slept on until we bought our mattresses  The table in the background is also Ikea, and is one of those super foldy extendy ones. Pretty much everything else (alarm clock, coffee table, two desks, two lamps, four chairs, bookcase and stereo) we bought from the Spanish couple.
Although Andy’s reading chair is also from Ikea:

 and doesn’t he sell it fabulously?

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  1. it's a really beautiful apartment, and because it's quite 'open plan' it feels so big! We are pretty in love with it. I'll put some more photos up when I go home tonight!

  2. Anonymous says

    Haha fab story on the internet. Good effort andy!

    Is the temp becoming a bit kinder to you?
    X loz

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