Month: December 2012


I’m thinking that I’ll go German from now on, and whenever I want to express something that consists of multiple nouns, or some sort of noun-adjective combination, I’ll just shove it all into one word. I want you all to say the words as one in your head.For example: Christmasmarkettime.Pretty easy. Because you know the three words that make up the one word.Now try Feuerzangenbowle.(Let’s be honest- as a lazy Australian, you had some trouble getting past that first group of vowels. ‘What do you mean I have to pronounce each vowel individually??!! Can’t I just put in some sort of mumbled bastardised grunting sound- it’s what my people have been doing for 200 years!?’) I’ve been having fun looking at biglongGermanwords and then trying to transect them in Google translate. Sometimes you are convinced that you should be able to break the word down further- and it just won’t work- but at least half the time you have a magical babushka doll of a word, and.. WAIT! there is an even smaller one within! Anyway. Onto the …


So I am very proud to announce my first snowfall in Germany (well- this time ’round).  It was light, it was fluffy, and instead of disintegrating into rain it stopped, and outside is now all bright and crisp and lightly powdered!: Hopefully you can see it starting to fall in this one….  and then the after: Ok so these photos are a little lazy- but I shall be doing large amounts of frolicking today and hopefully have some nice shots later on! But you guys! SNOW!! And as promised to Andy. BACON!!  Please note the delightfully crispy texture, evident in this photo. Those of you who are not my boyfriend will evidently notice that I have also cut my hair. Congratulations to you.