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Hi everyone. Before the year is totally finished, we just wanted to say Merry Festive Season. Hopefully everyone had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to 2013 (obviously it’s not the same without us but.. you try, you try :)…)
Here is us wearing a Christmas gingerbread (bought on the cheap the day after Christmas). 
Thanks for all the messages and cards from family and friends- I have now worked out how to buy a stamp  (Breifmarke!) in German… If I’m totally honest I think I asked the lady if I can have a stamp to *smoked meat* a letter to Australia on my first try. Seemed to get the message across, and might explain why she seemed remarkably happy. (Schinken= hammy smoked meat, Schicken= send, Huhn= Chicken… it’s such a circle of confusion)…. anyway, this means that 2013 marks the year you may actually be blessed with post from Deutschland.
As far as TwentyThirteen goes.. Pretty excited about setting off fireworks (we forgot to buy them yesterday, but assume they’ll be discounted the day after New Year) too.
Current Resolutions include:
-Learn us some German
-Learn to spell Deutschland with confidence (I’m currently checking every time to make sure I haven’t mixed up one or more of the thousand constants held within.. seriously, it’s embarrassing).
-Find living place so certain person at work stops calling me homeless.
-Discover edible Viet/Thai food in Berlin (we found a Vietnamese lady and asked her if there was anything good and she literally laughed in our faces)
-Eat more Sausage(s) (this is all on Andy).
and so on…
We’ll think of more as we go. But also- it would be lovely if you guys can help us.
If there’s somewhere you’ve been to that you love, or if you see an awesome photo or watch a documentary of film or hear of something that we Absolutely Must Do (either in Germany, or in the greater Europe)… let us know about it. 
I’ve started making a Blablah list online that everyone should be able to (and thus should) edit.
>click on ‘open your list’. The username and password are both FishWhiskey
Tis pretty small and crappy right now, so it needs all the help it can get.
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