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Frozen extremities

Because the last week has been filled with snow, this post will have to be too….


On Saturday I went to Berlin to have another general wander. I spent most of the day in Kreuzberg, a suburb known for its large populations of immigrants (particularly Turkish)… Wikipedia is telling me that in 2006 ~32 % of Kreuzbergians didn’t have German citizenship. Which means it has a really cool multicultural vibe (plus yummy foodstuffs!). It also has a massive density of opshops and cute weird hipster shops for both new and used stuff.

The morning was literally freezing- I think minus 4.. so I stuffed my face with steaming hot curry
36 currywurst and chips (mit mayonaise).

Told ya I’d be back!

There’s something superfun about having your fingers nearly fall off while rapidly stuffing boiling hot chips and sausages into your mouth…

And then the Wander Began!

I just happened to stumble upon a fleamarket:

Plus a graveyard:

Eventually, I wandered all the way to Alexanderplatz (I cheated, my wandering involved U-bahns)

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